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Are you looking for used asphalt pavers for sale in Texas, other parts of the United States, or even overseas? Take a look at the selection of equipment for sale at MY Equipment. You can find high quality machines at reasonable prices and be fully at ease while using them because safety is our first priority at MY Equipment.

You can find fully tested asphalt paving equipment for sale to use for your projects. Asphalt pavers have significantly improved road construction by making it so much easier to lay asphalt and pave roadways. Pavers are reliable and versatile machines, and by finding an asphalt paver machine for sale, you would resolve any paving application related issues that you may have. 

We Stock Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Here at MY Equipment, we stock asphalt paver machines for sale from leading manufacturers and world-renowned brands. You can find machinery from different brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, and John Deere in our inventory. If you want to find the right paver for the job, then you need to invest in high quality equipment that will last for a long time. At MY Equipment, we only stock machines that are built to last, so you can be stress free when you buy equipment from us. Whenever you need pavers for sale in Houston, contact our team at MY Equipment and you will get what you need. 

You can easily find used CAT asphalt pavers for sale in our inventory or place a request if you do not find what you need in the stock we have available. If you would like to make a request for a machine from a specific manufacturer, contact our sales team on 1-281-934-4000. We are here to help you and your construction business succeed and will do whatever we are able to make that happen.



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